Entering the Temple of Feminine Arts Workshop

Entering the Temple of Feminine Arts Workshop

This beautiful workshop was in invitation to Enter the ancient Temple of Feminine Arts to immerse in sacred alchemical Womb Awaking Practices including Tibetan Womb Pulsing and Dragon Shakti Breathing.  A two day immersion to activate your wild Womb and open the pathways to pleasure. The weekend included *ceremony *shamanic journeying *embodied movement *womb healing body practices *shamanic crafting

We were reminded of the sacredness within us all through honouring, clearing and cleansing our Womb Space, opening to experience deeper love, connection, life-force and intimacy.

Some the elements we explored though Dragon Shakti Breathing included:

~ Discovering, feeling and awakening your forgotten power
~  Bringing more bliss, pleasure and ecstasy into your body
~  Releasing your deepest emotional and sexual wounds
~  Finding your NO, and then diving into your wild, embodied YES

The sacred practice of  Tibetan Womb Pulsing was a powerful activator in the following areas for women:

Healing endometriosis or pelvic stagnation * Increasing libido and sexual pleasure * Improving self-esteem and personal power * Improving fertility and feminine vibrancy * Catalysing sexual awakening and ecstatic states *Healing sexual trauma and shutdown

This was such a beautiful and powerful weekend.
Facilitated by Natalie and Jacqui in Gold Coast June 7th and 8th :